Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dear brain initiative subcommittee, its (me!) again, sandra, tvgp

follow up is key..  and i know you need time off for the holidays, but

-has ANYONE learned anymore

/or anything..

about the care neuron?

You..  in the suit...  
You... in the white lab coat..

costumes are unnecessary for this research:

assignment is as follows:  -there is this angry abusive alcoholic man in his early 20's

when we check back in a decade later; same condition.

when we visit him in his 40's; same condition/little worse.

50's; no change.

and then in his mid-sixties he dies an angry, abusive, alcoholic man.


Why did he never evolve, improve, grow into a better, healthier, kinder, person?   

This represents a large portion of the population.   -break the pattern.    give the gift of life and love...

"Merry Christmas!"


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