Sunday, March 10, 2013


ORIGINAL POST 08/02/2010: oh, wish i had a picture of the turn out for yesterday's LOL poetry event. -packed the century house! had people sitting up the stairs inside, and around the patio outside -who woulda guessed?

-beautiful people... beautiful sight to see

big thank you to each of my friends, family members -each guest in attendance. wonderful to see such support for the local poets

and big thank you to deborah grossman -an awesome poet laureate. all her work behind the scenes talking it up, spreading the word, sending out the press releases

how encouraging to have it pay off

and of course.. biggest thank you to my dad... wish he could have been there to hear his material from 1960 somethin' get a new laugh, with a new audience

and great treat to collaborate with john barry & marilyn slade -still smiling as i recall some of the lines, the words, the silly~fun poems

and the open mic was a great spirit lifter.. giggle here, giggle there...

add the great food, beverages, the gorgeous climate, the environment of the century house itself -the building, the landscaping

and i just can't believe you can get all that for $5 -and FREE if you're a student. -talk about bang for your buck!


and deborah mentioned poetry events will be migrating over to the firehouse arts center

a larger, but still intimate venue, with 230 seats. -want to give credit to deborah here too, for growing the audience and participation in general, over the course of her time as poet laureate

robert frost event packed the century house -poetry rocks in all language packed the century house

LOL packed the century house

i like this trend

~hallelujah & am,en!


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