Saturday, December 29, 2012

[i] WILL YOU [to] FORGIVE MY IMPERFECT LOVE? a poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp


love is mysterious.   -an utter surprise!
understood by the heart; deceived by the eyes

outsiders see it
insiders guess

love. is a multiple questions test!

have i been patient?
you been kind?

do we envy those that money finds?

do you boast?  am i too proud?
do we love each other too    -outLOUD?

does our need to know! dishonor God?
have we served ourselves the lesson?

and aren't we quick to get pissed off
demanding answers to our questions

oh, my love it's so imperfect!
i remember every! hurt!
"I REMEMBER! where i was...  and what you wore...   what you said! and what you did!
you frickin' piece of dirt!"

do i delight in seeking evil?   -delight in tit for tat..


at least i share the truth write now
and perfect love's like that.

can we protect our love from all temptations?  -trust that's what we'll do?
and hope that if i'm protectin'...   ~ just trust that you do too?
     i mean, you know..  when no ones lookin'

will our love   ~persevere?    will our imperfect love prevail?

with hope and faith 

and God and prayer

we know that  -love, it never fails.

but imperfect love

imperfect love

[i] will our imperfect love [to] prevail.


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