Saturday, May 19, 2012

THE LOVE PICKLE for (me!) sandra, tvgp

i startled him at first. orlando here, in the process of making my roast beef sandwich at the subway on airway blvd in livermore.   "STOP!  STOP! DON'T MAKE A MOVE!   -DON'T TOUCH THAT SANDWICH!...    K-   NOT ONE MOVE.   ...  "i'll be write back..     k.  don't touch anything, leave everything exactly like it is write now, k"
then of course, i ran to my car.  grabbed my camera.  ran back in and got it: 

and then,   -embarrassing, but this happens to photographers all the time:  'cuz see, i took 3 pictures in all.   one of rolando with the sandwich, and then 2 of just the sandwich.

when i held my camera up to show him the great picture i landed  -of course, i went straight to the close up of the love pickle,  "just look at this!" i tell him with a big smile..  "i collect pictures of hearts found in my environment..."   -etc., etc.,

but he just looked at me only half impressed.   "what about the one of me? the picture of me?"

"oh!  oh! of course..  how unpolite of me..  i'm so sorry...   here."   i said with a smile, and brought the picture of rolando with the sandwich into view.    -he approved.

and talked briefly about having two jobs..  here at subway and also taco bell..   /i had to mention my love of the crunch wrap supreme.   -and how he feels like giving up sometimes..

"me too," i said   "but don't give up. don't give up!"

and he talked about how he loves rocky for that reason...  helps keep him inspired.   and he put his arms up in the famous rocky victory pose and smiled.

i left a tip in the jar.  "this is for you.  keep going!  keep going!"

and how can i not interpret this brief interaction as anything other than divine encouragement.


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