Thursday, May 10, 2012

THE PHYSICIST & THE POET a poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp

inspired by colm thomas whelan
re:  NIF project at LLNL

the physicist & the poet.

i am a humble servant of the most high God
i write to bring good news to you!

"good news!"    "good news!"

/that's what us humble servants of the most high God
                     are put on earth to do.

your goal is truly noble.  your work is true.
so God is willing
and will grant this wish for you:

"...enough energy for all of humanity!    for all of time!..."

let us celebrate in livermore with bread and wine

a toast!     ..."to NIF & energy   -what's yours is mine"


of course it comes at a cost
but all is not lost

let us employ our imaginations
with a brief experimentation

/that's what you brilliant scientists
       are put on earth to do

so close your eyes...

...  energy needs have been removed!
...  energy needs have been removed!

so now we have plenty of energy
and now we have plenty of time

enough for all of humanity
what's mine is yours and yours is mine

another glass of wine!

remove it from your worry list
start the day bran new
when this sun looks like it's running out
we'll have more for you

                      will then illuminate this fact

a source of endless energy
is not the only thing we lack

until we learn to love each other
until we learn to live in peace      

until we learn to love each other
until we learn to live in peace

the sun will fuel
hard, cold, hearts
until the end of time

can somebody pass me that bread, that wine..

"to hard, cold, hearts   -to the end of time"


if we can employ your brilliant minds
and add this noble goal:

" and peace and joy!
                  for every human soul!"

'cuz it looks like we'll need endless energy
and who knows how many suns

to provide us the apparent time we need
to learn to live as one.


At 5:17 PM, Blogger SHE said...

Dr Victor George is staying at the hotel. he helped found the NIF program 25+ years ago. inspired me to re-publish my meeting of Colm Thomas Whelan and my NIF poem.

but this STUPID printer is only printing one page.. 1 of 1?

and both blog posts are longer. i live in frustration...


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