Monday, February 03, 2020

Spiritual Trifecta for (sexy! & tops!)


every once in a while someone will ask me where Robert and I go to church.    The answer is:

we don't go to a church..

we watch church tv, 7 days a week, first thing in the morning as we enjoy our cup of coffee.

you couldn't find 3 more different tv evangelists if you tried:  Joyce meyer, joel osteen, T.D. Jakes

but we love all 3 for different reasons and for the main common one:  they all teach about Jesus, about love and about spiritual warfare  -and they teach from the Bible, and incorporate scripture into every lesson

as I have said many times before..   just like you can't drink several gallons of water on Monday and have it last all week...  you do in fact need some water every day

same thing with spiritual messages.   I do not how people can go to church only on sunday and have it last all week?

and not only do we watch these three preacher/teachers every morning, but I pray during my shower, pray on my way to work, pray when someone makes the request, pray just because...   and Robert and I pray over meals..    pray thankyou for our relationship, pray blessings for our family and friends..


and I have shared with both of my children over the years  "keep God first and everything else will fall into place"

it is not just something I say

it is something I practice

and on the topic of practice...

I must note that also..    because at age ….  only weeks away from turning 54, I realize that im not so much learning a large % of NEW things..

rather..  over many years now I have been learning...

I have been applying what I've learned...

and now, I just stay in that practice..  every day.  every situation.   applying the spiritual lessons ive learned.    stay in practice for the rest of my life, however long that is.

walk in love
hold every thought captive..
manifest fruits of the spirit
stay in prayer
not in my own strength
give God the battles
submit to God and the devil must flee
trust God; do good
the good fight of faith..

and there are more of course... but, the point:   I've received the information...  and re-received the information...   and I apply it..   and now I stay in that practice, and since we are continuing to experience what feels like "due season"      -experiencing blessings, favor, anointing..  joy, peace..

the results!  are highly motivating and reassuring


In Jesus name!   amen & amen


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