Monday, February 03, 2020

Solid past art recognized by (me!) sandra, tvgp

and so, I returned this time with the photo in my purse, exactly so I could take this picture.   I had, on a prior visit, many months ago, to the Pleasanton Hand Car Wash, seen this watercolor in the women's restroom.   "I had that same painting!"

/where?  when?

and during my recent de-clutter/reorganization, I came across a picture with the painting in it.   and a very sweet photo it is..  my dad, my pregnant sister, my daughter..

im not sure where that painting ended up...  garage sale?  dump?   given away...?

but, i shared it with bruce, at the car wash.. and he shared with me that he got his painting from a gallery in London, in 1982..      and it is signed, and titled in pencil    solid past.

i remember being very drawn, very attracted by that painting whenever I did purchase it...  I do not remember the place of purchase or what year..  but I believe I paid to have it framed the way I did.


IJN,  amen.


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