Monday, January 13, 2020

Dear Fellow Neuroscientists -from (me!) sandra, tvgp

regarding our mutual curiosity, fascination and admiration for human memory storage:

my mom, having perused my blog recently, asked me via text, what CH stands for.    I will explain again here, with more detail:

CH stands for Cerebral Hyperlink.    It could almost be synonymous with memory trigger, but is not exactly..

let's look at the definition of a hyperlink first:  when on a computer, it is a link from a hypertext file or document to another location or file, typically activated by clicking on a highlighted word or image on the screen.

so, i'm going to provide a non-hyperlinked word, and a few hyperlinked words write here for you to see, learn from and experiment with:

   1.  in this sentence the word dolphin is not hyperlinked.  (nothing you can click on to take you somewhere else)
   2.  in this sentence the word dolphin is hyperlinked    -and to quite an entertaining colleciton of posts i must say  -click on it.
    3.  to illustrate that hyperlinks are not universal but highly individualized, i hyperlink the word dolphin again here to an entirely different but relevant article randomly found on the internet.
   4.  and to demonstrate how not all dolphin hyperlinks are correct or legitimate i create an on-purpose mistake here (and keep in mind both purposeful and accidental error hyperlinks can be created and already exist)   -and further notice how one word can hyperlink to many, many different places.

 i've already written about how many, how often, i have to very on-purpose, consciously not click on every potential hyperlink in my mind/internal thoughts or during conversations..  i have 5 decades worth of potential connections; this to that...  that to this..     it's a pinball game in there

but because i am highly aware of these cerebral hyperlinks, i can share with you here THE BIRTH OF MY NEWEST Cerebral Hyperlink

first you have to know, that when i lived in san leandro and commuted to livermore for work, my drive included driving down murdell.   and while driving down murdell i would see street signs that read:    white fang.    and also,   call of the wild.    and for all that time, i had no hyperlink for these street signs.  i thought they were cool and different and fun...   and i would later learn they were referencing books by jack london..  but still no cerebral hyperlinks to speak of really, because i was not over familiar with jack london or his novels; only familiar with the names..

UNTIL!     i just recently watched this

 FANTASTIC MOVIE with my sexy, and...

NOW!  when i see the street sign, WHITE FANG, it brings me to the movie; this beautiful story..

and,  there is a re-make of The CAll of the Wild, coming out next month, February 2020, starring Harrison Ford and so, that movie will give birth to a new Cerebral Hyperlink too!


now, i change the subject kinda here to say:   it is true,  "time heals all wounds"

as i go through my de-clutter/re-organize project, i am re-confronted with a series of traumas i've lived through..

so, i can know, as many do,  -time does heal.   that is, that after a long time has passed, which i call emotional distance; the traumas no longer have the same intensity of negative consequence

but what i want to share here, is HOW time heals all wounds.   it is not the passing of time itself.

what i believe it is, really:   dilution!   the power of memory dilution!

if you keep creating and intaking positive memories/experiences..   accumulating more and more and more and more..

eventually, you dilute the traumatic with the peaceful, the beautiful, with the ordinary and with the miraculous

and i've written about all of this before I know...  you cannot erase traumatic memories but you can dilute them.   i'm just reiterating because as a result of my project, this idea, this feeling, this suspicion and personal theory..  feels quite like a fact; a truth


now, i will be covering walls with pictures of good memories...  and I keep saying to my sexy, to my friends and family, to anyone who will listen..

write now, on the news..   or with commercials..  we get the same information over and over and over and over..  the exact same thing..  over and over, how many times do you see the same commercial on TV..

but sometimes with a special card from a friend..  we read it once and put it away..

i've been consciously reversing that..    -because I have been a keeper of many things:  cards, letters, pictures..

i get to re-read, re-visit, cherish and treasure, over and over and over..   love, and kindness, friendship..

and i minimize to the degree I can, the re-watching over and over of bad news or consumer commercials.    maximize my daily exposure to sweet letters, cards, pictures, smiles, wonderful experiences and memories.


and lastly..   here is a CH worth celebrating..   I smile instantly!  instantly!   I mean, all I did was channel surf.. looking for a little break, and came across a documentary about northern California; the maritime museum of san diego..  they were interviewing a woman with ancestors of the 

but when they showed this book:    a permanent fun/positive/strong CH to THIS memory


and each day as I work on this project, and thank my "way maker"   I am referencing the lyrics to this SONG:


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