Monday, January 13, 2020

"That Would Make A Great Book!" says (me!) sandra, tvgp

i am in the middle of the greatest, most productive, de-clutter/re-organization project of my whole life; write now..

and, I keep thanking Jesus for being my way maker...

making a way..    through a variety of people and circumstances, but mostly through my sexy; making a way for me to have the space, the time, the physical/mental/emotional energy required to go box by box, paper by paper, picture by picture..   keep. shred.   shred, shred, shred, shred..   keep.. etc.

and I've always known I needed a lot of time and space and energy to accomplish this monumental task which is exactly why I've waited..  it has not been about procrastination; it's been about proper time and circumstances, because..  I have so much trash mixed in with treasures; picture story to come.. but!

before I go on and on for 12 pages, my point is this:

I have documented evidence of   -how many?-   unfulfilled dreams/ambitions, I don't' know yet, but a lot

BIG DREAMS!   unfulfilled, unsuccessful, unaccepted, undone

but not one that has gone unexpressed.        i write everything!    so,

summarize to say:    i have many dreams unfilled, but not one dream that has gone unexpressed

"that would make a great book!"     /see how everything turns into another dream..

anyway,   yes..  i think it really would make an interesting book; this collection..   and so i started organizing writings/pictures/objects just that way...   a stack labeled

unfulfilled but not unexpressed.    it is very entertaining to see these dreams from the advantage of age almost 54

and on that topic:     i loved the view from 52,  and the even more i could see while 53, and now, i look forward to seeing even more!   ~ during the blink i'm 54

unfolding as the best decade of my life.   "thank you! Jesus"  hallelujah & amen


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