Monday, February 03, 2020

Unboxed and In Love for (sexy! & tops!)

there have been many indications that God has his signature on this romantic relationship between Robert and I..   and let me add on here to them.    As you know.. prior to my moving in, he had all white bricks and totally blank walls.

and he pretty much gave me green lights to do whatever I wanted; decorate at will.

an empty canvas for someone like (me!), is like..   a superbowl ring for someone like mahomes

i mean, it is very exciting!

but better, better, better still!     we just recently decorated like, 3 different walls together without spending one penny!

because turns out, Robert has had all this gorgeous art from around the world in boxes for decades   -and as he unboxed, unwrapped an African mask here, and an African mask there...

and a painting from Thailand here, and a clock from Germany there,

and a sculpture from Pakistan here, and a ceramic dish from Germany there...

i literally had to clean the floor from my drool.

if you take into consideration, that prior to meeting Robert, my two most favorite stores were cost plus world market, and pier 1 imports...

it's like I got to create my very favorite environment without ever shopping or making any decisions or actual purchases..      it's already write in front of me!    all we had to do was use a hammer and nails..    

and i am just in love with the look of his house now.. inside and out.

but!    better, better still..!

as i've been doing my declutter/reorganization.. because I have kept so many cards, letters, envelopes over the years..  well,

some of the cards I kept, a few of the letters, …   and when it came to the envelopes, what I did was grab a pair of scissors, and cut away each postage stamp to keep, and then shredded the envelopes.

so there was this small container I dedicated to storing my stamps.   I can't explain why I love stamps, i just know I do and I couldn't trash or shred them.

so, !

out of like no where...      and even though we've been together a couple years now, I did not know until he placed them before me

Robert had collected stamps too!   in his youth..

the thing is,  -all my stamps are like, 99% from the united states; domestic

and Robert's stamps are FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD!

"i had no idea we had stamp collecting in common!"    -so, it was very fun to learn this... to pour over the stamps...  my creative/artistic mind was lit to a new extreme..

and, i know most people think of food or drinks in association with aphrodisiacs, but i'm here to share with you

/ain't got nothin on a beautiful postage stamp from a foreign country to a tri valley gypsy poet like (me!)


ln Jesus so loved the world's great name..    amen!


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