Monday, April 11, 2016

my take away from the study of revelations (me!), sandra, tvgp

we are nearly done with our several week study of revelations; our = BSF group.

my take away is this, quite summarized:

our God, is a God of hearts.  Our God is love..

is loving, is merciful, is forgiving..   does not keep track of wrongs..., etc.

forgives 77 x 7 times,   -and all that.

I believe, as Joyce Meyer teaches..   we never fail tests; but we do get to take them over and over and over again, until we pass..

I believe, God does knock  vs.  override/break in against our own free will,

and I believe God knocks more than once,

and I believe God knocks loud...   I believe he knocks on the front door, the back door, the garage door, etc.  

and I could go on and on with these scenarios; -all true, all evident in the bible; and repeated throughout   -especially in the New Testament

I believe Hebrews 8:10 -->    God's laws are already written in our hearts and minds


and what I get from revelations is this:   -while God is loving, merciful, forgiving,

and knocks politely, repeatedly

and seeks after the one..  

while God is consistently all those things;

at some point,  -which has already been established and is known to God alone,

but at some point,

a final judgement does come.   the testing does end.   the forgiveness stops.  the mercy is no more.  God stops knocking,

and true justice   (I will not go on here, as I could, about there being such a thing as TRUE JUSTICE..   but, i believe God is the only qualified..  because our human systems of justice are too influenced by money, status, ego, biases, ignorance, projections, guesses, assumptions, circumstantial evidence, impulsive public opinion, skewed by media, distorted by theatrics,  restricted by outdated, stupid laws..  etc.)

takes place.

evil and death are conquered; by love

which is God.   and I utterly, completely, believe:  love conquers all. 

that's what revelation is all, ultimately about...   evil is doomed; and righteousness prevails..

on a new earth; which is heavenly.


and very pleased to study John next...




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