Saturday, October 27, 2018

bounce. a spontaneous poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp

b                              I                                          o
           u          c                                              r        u
    o                                     g                      a              d                       [inside]

                 n                 n

(me!)  mind.      cerebral hyperlinks all the time.      forward

drawkcab.    cross the street

image. memory.  meet.

I remember this and that and this
one word at least   -like  "kiss"

and what I barely, kinda, maybe know
my external memory blog; my green light go

how much is in there?  how much to come?
how much to skip?  what pace to run?

when to stop and remember well
the view from heaven; glimpse of hell

what factor time has in my mind?
zip files, photos, when words are blind

many senses; all engaged    -one key word unlocks the page

open heart and mind on stage

you are now inside.


"would you like a cup of tea?"

no talking required to get to know (me!)

and before you speak a word there's clues
in every vibe that makes up you.

and in the                                                 space

between two persons

it is not invisible to the spirit; the curtain

spirit; mind; heart connect

make a memory; time corrects

and every memory made in time

dots to dots; until ……__________      a line.

no single file.   all squished together.  reorganize

non from fiction; facts from lies...                    /or was it just exaggerated?  

or was it downplayed?     was it this year or that? 

 learn to surf the memory as it waves
or your stuck in your mind all night all day

cerebral hyperlinks  -ignore? engage?

thanksgiving feast on the table today.

         -cast cares and pray.


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