Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"my keith! my keith!" by (me!) sandra, tvgp

-this very morning

/after a several day communication absence..

i received a text from "my keith!".   i mean:  my keith.   or,  -from keith.  yes.  i received a text from keith.

it reads in three parts as follows:

need you to walk me through your blog.

heart you.

good night.

and then a  :(

-they were apparently sent last night after i was already asleep.


and how im going to reply, after i finish re-joycing, and learning from bishop Jakes is something like this:


well, first don't you know i have to play it real cool, like im not bothered at all! by the fact his communications went m.i.a. for several days.  -because, honestly i am so busy i didn't even really notice..

and simultaneously ignore the fact HE STILL HAS NOT ASKED ME OUT?!? ON A PROPER DATE

and! of course not let on that i already have a dress picked out.. 

which! im going to be wearing on a date with someone else very shortly because i can't chance that it goes to waste, and there is a free dinner involved..


all of that will remain strictly between just you & me.  what ill be texting him is:

ive been blogging for 10 years darling. -that's an awfully long walk. -but you remain one of my favorite chapters.


So, i know what im going to say.. my only decision now is how long before i send it.   /im not making a move.. not one move!  /and i do have some moves..

not one! without consulting the mighty counselor!   "dear Jesus...   


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