Thursday, November 19, 2015

dear (!) from (me!) sandra, tvgp

it turns out the Harrington gallery is walking distance from where i work.  

but let's say it wasn't..    let's say i lived in San Francisco..  

keeping in mind here, I do not like to drive.. especially at night.. or in the rain..  

but let's say I did for some variety of crazy reasons, that I did drive for miles and miles, at night, in the rain

to arrive at the Harrington gallery.    -no matter the time, the challenge,

/save that the challenge involves running out of gas and being stranded or.. a carjacking..

well then..

once I laid my eyes upon your skeleton sculptures I would say to myself what my heart knew immediately:

-seeing you made this worth it....  


and now, I love the fine art quilt exhibit in general..  everything!  Fabric lovers, and paper lovers are one in the same...  we light up for the same reasons, just at different materials..   color, design, texture...

you can easily imagine any designer scrapbook page as a quilt; and vice versa..

anyway..   I'm filled up and overflowing...    how magnificent!


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