Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The burden reward for (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Yes.. It feels worth repeating and needs re-vented:  how the reward for the hours I've devoted to writing a script. And rewriting said script.. Is the burden of the responsibility to get people to come see it.  I am whining for sure.. But seems to me two entirely different skill sets:  writing.  Promoting.    -the on stage valentine is one week from today.. Obviously I will do the best I can do, but..  1. I have not tried over the past several years to develop a following, so to speak. 2. Budget/resources/time are quite restricted.  3. I'm not even sure how to reach the potential audience for this type of event..   4.  I need "Help!".   Write now I'm just passing out flyers with a kind of desperate , pleading expression, "come see our show..".    Or "do you know ANYONE who might want to come see our show?  Anyone... ".       And I need to re-thank faith and julie here for their extra reach outs:  tickets to KKIQ, our local hometown station, and a reach out to the local high school administrators...    The thing is, even though the show has been significantly scaled down from my original vision..  It seems to me: better.   The way sometimes you don't want a bunch of people and flashing lights and theatrics when a singer sings..   You just want to enjoy the song.    It seems it has been divinely reduced and has evolved into a simpler, purer form.  Lastly..  I get stuck here sometimes: the flesh/spirit distinction:  how much time & effort to devote without falling into the striving too hard for things outside of my control trap.  I hear Joyce Meyer "do what you can do, and God will do what you cannot".  And so I say, well,  I can write.  I cannot necessarily get the seats filled.   -and just for the record: yes. I have anxiety. It is very present but it is the least amount I've ever had to battle.  And what an utterly fascinating interview my charlie rose had with scott stossel on the topic.  !    In Jesus name, amen


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