Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"page 37!?!". says (my sister!)

"This should be FRONT PAGE NEWS!"   /and we both are wondering..  mike..  divorced?  how's he doin'?


At 8:12 AM, Blogger SHE said...

I have never actually kept track.. But I talk to a lot of different people in any given month.

the rate of infidelity.. the number of men walking in the flesh and not the spirit.. feeding their egos vs. serving God.. it is a crisis of pandemic proportion

it is not exclusive to men to be sure; women too.. But men do appear to have the monopoly.

I like here to pose the question.. should it not be seen as a crisis? Perhaps it is just the way it is.. Has always been; will always be..

perhaps the problem is not with infidelity; flesh and egos.. but the problem is with our unrealistic expectations in mere human beings..

I'm gonna let that sit on the stove top and come to a boil....


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