Sunday, December 01, 2019

"VOOPS! -there it is" by (me!) sandra, tvgp

and so I decided to pick up and peruse one of the many books from my autographed collection... see if what was written..

and it is! still relevant; every word of it, really..   even though it was written before all the internet craziness and social media and pre-cell phones, etc.

but this is one of the books that got me through college all those many years ago..

and when I came across these pages/passages, 72/73

CH =

and, if I may borrow a T.D. Jakes saying

"can I go deeper?"

-because on page 73 when we learn the nurse; being treated awful by a patient, -confesses she has been taking out her frustrations on her innocent family members

when you read on..   you learn the nurse learns how to become impervious to the ill treatment by the patient and is set free  (as if from san quentin  -that's how significant the breakthrough was..)

but the passages kind of skip over why the patient is treating the nurse so awful in the first place

     -is he not ALSO taking his frustrations out on the innocent nurse..    

the exact same way the nurse was taking out her frustrations on her innocent family..

and it is my experience and observation of that hideous and very predictable chronic pattern, that made me answer the question the way I did when I read it on the gum wrapper.

I sing it to the beat of the popular song,  Whoomp! (There it is) by Tag Team..

"VOOPS!   -there it is.."

 so, a "thank you!" here to Stephen Covey..      still relevant indeed


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