Monday, February 23, 2015

Shakespeare of the 21st century? -are you kidding (me!) sandra, tvgp

Let me revisit my personal acquaintance with Shakespeare:

1.  Never have enjoyed reading Shakespeare...  have tried on more than one occasion.. Especially! after learning the profound effect his writings had on my sheroe: Dr Maya Angelou..

still. -no pleasure..

But! Can and do watch  -with intense interest and great joy!-   people who talk passionately ABOUT Shakespeare..

and in any given month of the year I can talk with people who

1. find Shakespeare boring.
2. find Shakespeare amazing.

-so, all that said and acknowledged

everyone is a shakespeare; aren't they.   I've yet to meet any artist beloved by the entire population..

and why, how, when, how deeply, how long any given person does or does not respond to a story, or film, or music or any art of any kind..     -who is turned on; who is turned off:

is as much a mystery as curiosity itself.


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