Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Tattoos by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Also, on my overwhelming list of things I want to write about: my reaction to Honolulu police department/tattoo news story I happened across on public radio..

The long list of unGodly priests with no tattoos but proper clothes..

The long list of clean cut, well educated, greedy, deceitfuls on wall street with no tattoos..

The long list of clean cut, no tattoos peopled in any number of industries whose character is mean or evil-spirited..

How.. What people long for is a shortcut, easy way to distinguish between good/trustworthy people vs. Mean or I'll intentioned..

People have tried everything; tried using everything.. From skin color, to education, to sir names, to zip codes, to fashion, to taste in art, . sexual orientation... Long list (which includes tattoos)

But it seems to me all evidence to date points to the fact that an individuals character cannot be 100% identifiable/knowable by any outwardly visible thing..


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