Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Work ethics 101 -flyer recruits


At 9:49 AM, Blogger SHE said...

My son.. Forbid me to take any pictures of him..

So I only took one, that he doesn't know about, and I won't post it here, lest he ever speak to me again,

But I'm very proud of him! He was the flyer-passer-outer in downtown Pleasanton, while my niece and I pounded the pavement in downtown Danville..

Here's the thing: neither one of them had ever done such a thing.. My son gets points for showing up early and putting in 5 hours...

And even more points! For treating his mom and cousin to lunch at new York pizza... I was just headed back to my car for cash, and he was like, "I've got it" and pulled out a wallet I didn't even realize he had... It was a first. And all 'firsts' have a way of pulling on a mom's heart strings.. But I am not allowed to point it out in public of course.. Or make a big deal of it... I knew it was my job just to smile and act all chill.. But with my eyes.. With my eyes I told him, "sure am proud of you"

And then I DELIGHTED! In listening to my son and niece exchange their war and victory stories from their flyer-passing out experience..

I've done it so often, I forgot how it feels, initially.. To get rejected or be ignored by the passersby

Jack was like, "man! I was getting DE-NIED! by some people..". And he talked about how he handed them out anyway, 'I just forced one in someone's hand...' he said. Apparently a highlight was talking to one of the Pleasanton police officers that walked by about pepper spray and tazer guns.. Whether you had to experience that in the academy. But he had sent me a text: I DO NOT WANT to stay til 5pm.

I let him off the hook at 2.

My niece was telling him.."me too!... Same thing"

But I couldn't be more proud of her... She was awesome.. A true natural! ... On our drive back she said.. In the most precious voice and with such authentic attitude:

"aunty sandy... I didn't say it to anyone.. But I was thinking it... HOW RUDE! HOW HARSH!...

But I looked at you.. And you were like, 'no big deal'... So I was like, -guess it's no big deal then"

Melted me to the core...

But that was us... Several hours, hundreds of flyers, on a gorgeous day in downtown Danville, during the art fair in late october which meant the streets were filled with vendors and families and lots of costume dressed trick or treaters..

"Big Sale at Ricks picks!". ...hand a flyer...

And 75% accepted a flyer
20% ignored or politely declined
5% were just plain harsh....

You know that saying, 'developed a thick skin..'

It's not really your skin that gets thick, is it..

But I had forgotten those initial feelings until I watched and listened to jack and Sarah..

And just like the conversation with the police officer was a highlight for jack,

Sarah told him, -with the excitement I might have if I got to hand a flyer to President Barack Obama..

"I handed a flyer to a FIREMAN! Oh my God! I couldn't believe it!". -he was one of the 75% of course

...made her day.

The other little fun story that I learned about after the fact brought a smile to my face too:

Communication breakdown.

-Julia, from ricks picks, who gave jack the flyers to pass out.. She was told/was under the impression jack would hang out write outside the store...

But I knew where all the people were, so I had instructed him to hit the farmers market at the other end of main..

So when jack got the flyers... Off he went

I guess Julia started calling a few co-workers with concerns

"Oh my God... I've lost sandra's son..."

Just funny.... Beautiful, productive, educational, entertaining, wonderful day

Thank you Jesus! Amen


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