Tuesday, June 02, 2015

"think happy thoughts peter". as believed by (me!) sandra, tvgp

dear Jesus, please forgive my sarcasm..


my brief post today /restricted by wrist pain

is in response to the male creature interviewed by my charlie rose, as part of the brain series... with my favorite neuroscientist.. Eric kandel

topic was parenting and postpartum depression.  postpartum depression as experienced by the DAD; male creature.  -fascinating interview as always..

you really should watch it yourself..  my sarcasm sneaks in only as they reveal the astonishing scientific finding that children who are not neglected as babies fair better in the world than children who were neglected..

But let me cut to the chase.. dad with postpartum; which helps rule out pregnancy hormones as a culprit..

Dad who bravely confesses he felt rejected by the baby, distance from his wife, exhaustion, anger..  and ultimately starts having thoughts about hurting his wife and the baby which is about when he starts bravely seeking help..

Now, my point is this: the entire interview and conversation is seen exclusively through the secular lens..

and wouldn't it just be the most fascinating thing ever, if we could watch the whole thing again, only add Joyce Meyer to the panel and discussion..

-where was the battlefield?   -the mind.    

-the enemy seeks to kill and destroy..   -some of the enemies greatest attack weapons: rejection.   inadequacy.   fear.   

-I believe somewhere in the bible it talks about "holding every thought captive."


I wonder if Christian dads battling the same situations might employ biblical teachings to navigate their own way out..

but feel very happy/proud this dad on charlie rose did speak up; and speak out..   -because I have come to solidly believe another one of the enemies greatest weapons is -shame.   And anything kept in the dark cannot be healed..   it must be brought into the light.

But there is another passage coming to mind.. about not giving gold to swines..

-that is, I acknowledge that when it comes to sharing taboo/culturally embarrassing or shameful things..

there are two potential audiences.  One, will see your bravery.. And offer love and help and healing.  -the other will judge, ridicule, exploit..

so -choose your audience wisely.

In Jesus name,  -amen.


At 9:29 AM, Blogger SHE said...

the picture is of a piece of beautiful jewelry given to me by a woman who applied for work at ricks picks.. She had seen my talk at the local middle school; knew I had been bullied.. and she had been too. when she handed me the jewelry, she said "these are happy thoughts"

I consider it a true treasure. "Thank you!"

-remain highly curious about the origin of thoughts; and know my life improved dramatically once I realized and started choosing my own thoughts vs. Just accepting whatever fell in my head.

I do hold every thought captive; put them through the holy filter

keep and recycle Gods word.. delete the rest.


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