Saturday, June 27, 2015

"... annnnd Voila!" introducing (!)

i knew he was an artist of some sort immediately.  it was in the way he looked at our products in the store.  -I've already mentioned i have an ability to read micro~expressions..  and in the store as i observe and serve customers, it is apparent pretty quickly whether:

1. they are just browsing for pleasures sake..
2. they are on the hunt for a gift to give someone
        2a.)  write now, -as in, leaving the store and headed for the party..    2b.) soon..  within the next week or so,  2c.) for Christmas.. 
3. not quite sure, but "i'll know it when i see it"
4. they know what they want before they walk in the store
-very specific
5. they have no clue.. 

there's more, but you get the idea.  its part in behavior; but its ALL in the eyes..

I knew trenton was an artist write away, because he looked at product..  well, he looked ~beyond the product, if you will..

it is its very own facial expression and look.. and it reveals that the person is not looking at what the object is

...but is rather looking at what the object can become...

so, i don't remember our first encounter specifically, but i do remember that after i got to talking to him a bit i got to enjoy the personal satisfaction of learning 'i was write!'

now, we do get a variety of customers in who can look at a wooden blue bird house, for example.. and they can use their imagination to see it painted green or red..

-customers who can see beyond color, and sometimes see beyond size..  -customers who can see  vertical beyond horizontal; who can use their imagination to see a given home decor product off the shelf and in their home, or yard, etc.

but what you can tell about Trenton, is that he sees even way beyond any of that..

Trenton can see wood when he's looking directly at metal; and he can see metal when looking at wood; or marble when he's looking at ceramic..  he can see layers when looking at bases; or see the foundation under several layers.. he can see texture when looking directly at smooth.. and vice versa for everything..  he can see swirls when looking at straight lines, he can see added height, depth.. he can see 'if i do this, and that, and put it next to this, under that..'

and so i really picked his brain, as the saying goes, when he was artistically projecting his imagination on a wooden table in our store..

it was very basic. very straight lined. Rectangle top, four straight legs. basic light brown wood..     /generic wood to me, but my guess would be he could identify it by name..

and so, he generously switched from a quiet personal examination of the table to sharing his thoughts out loud..

"..  well, what I could do is.. 

-and what I learned is that by the time he finished with it you might not even be able to tell that this gorgeous, expensive looking marble mantel was once upon a time.. a basic wood table at ricks picks.

and eventually he shared his portfolio with me..  and talked in more detail about his visions, and craft..

-he is no amateur..   looks like to me, that he too has put in his 10,000 hours..

and not just transforming basic furniture into stunning..

but masterful flower arrangements..

spectacular murals in homes and restaurants and businesses..

-walls into art...

His range is as wide as his craft is impressive.   ~beautiful!

and i mostly see people this way:

as presents from God..  unwrap to find the gift inside..

and then we are to use and enjoy and share the gifts we have been given..

so if you can sing; SING!
if you can dance; DANCE!
if you can build; BUILD!
if you can teach; TEACH!
if you can serve; SERVE!

etc.  and i always imagine God smiling as we each discover what gift is inside us..   -that's one level of joy..

but then.. as we put in our 10,000 hours; trying, experimenting, failing, succeeding, practicing, improving..  

that's another level of joy..

..and..   THE RESULTS!

...take a look here:


to say its magical, -what he can do, and what he does...

leads only to the perfect segway to this additional bit of information..

Its not magical; HE IS.   as in, literally..

Trenton Gregory IS also..  A magician!    and I'm a little nervous here sharing this..  Probably for the same reason it took two years for him to share that with me..

everyone wanting tricks-on-demand.

but he did  -generously- come into the store one day..  and pulled out a deck of cards..   and i picked one; wrote on it.. 

he ripped it up. put it in his mouth and chewed..

and then eventually...  with some secret saliva glue

handed me back a whole card.

like.. the same card i picked and wrote on and watched him tear and eat..

its been like, a good 6 months since then I think, and I'm still,

even as I write this.. 

like,  -?!?

-what? how..did? was that just..?

and I think you will end up asking the same questions when you see a piece of furniture he's magically transformed..

"..k.  wait a minute here.. Was that just..? How did you?

K. Do it again..  my friend has got to see this!"

-because that is what magic is and does..  the very power it holds

And art..

art IS magic.  And magic.. magic IS art...     "Voila!"


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