Wednesday, November 13, 2019

"Thank You!" Gary Sinise from (me!) sandra, tvgp

and i'll be watching a war movie..

simultaneously i'm trying not to say the same thing  -again; out loud

primarily because I've already said it so many times

there is no reason  -really-  to repeat it; everyone around me already knows

but damn it, if it doesn't slip out anyway

like, every time, I end up saying the exact same thing:

"how wonderful it must be to get paid just to pretend"


when I consider the very real service men and women

the very real danger

the very real pain and suffering

the very real loss..

and how much they get paid


and then I consider actors...


and how much they get paid to just pretend that they are facing danger

pretend they are in pain

pretend they have PTSD


and how I then envision them collecting their paychecks, 

treating their friends/family to dinner and drinks

perfectly healthy, safe, and good

celebrating at awards shows just how good they are at pretending..


well, sometimes it blocks my ability to watch the movie properly


and I think to myself   -unless these producers/directors/actors of war movies

well, unless they are giving a percentage of the income earned back to the 

very real veterans


that's like a form of rape.


same, when you have movies about rape victims

-someone getting paid just to pretend...



same with movies about domestic abuse


I could go on, but the point has already been made:

anyone who profits from sharing the stories of real people who suffer


unless you are giving a % back to real life sufferers..

unless you are giving back..


that is just disgusting.


and so, I am always very grateful, very happy, very pleased

when I see what saw on CBS Sunday Morning with Gary Sinise

and with

Michael Conner Humphrey's

"Thank You!"

In Jesus name,   ~amen.


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