Wednesday, October 16, 2019

"You Scared?" by (me!) sandra, tvgp

we have so many jobs, responsibilities and things to figure out as human beings..


what fears we have that need to be overcome

what fears are justifiable and healthy indicators we need to change direction

what fears are entirely irrational; phobias vs fears

the origin of given fears and phobias

which fears are innate; which are ignited from life experience

and of the most fascinating things:  how it is that we know we are experiencing fear in the first place; and how do we experience, identify, label the intensity; the degree.. 

-fear factors


and on that topic, I stopped in my tracks when I saw this "scare" tape on the shelf at Alden Lane

and write away, 

in my imagination, I sent this bird to an Audubon psychiatrist

where he sat perched on a swing

inside a very small, dark, aviary

"when do you remember first experiencing this fear?"

"do you realize this is a phobia..  it is entirely irrational in its nature"

/that being the point exactly thinks the bird; it is.. nature

"the tape cannot harm you.. bite you... sting you.. poison you.. kill you..

its just reflective tape..

look..   i'll show you"

at which time the bird flew erratically in many different directions

until busting out of the cage.


and on the back of this package, it does tell consumers, to seasonally remove the tape, and replace it

this is so the birds wont get used to it; wont get desensitized

so the tape wont slowly lose its effect and ability to scare the birds away


and that's another important thing humans need to figure out

which fears we should and should not become desensitized to; and for what reasons.


I could go on..

but I have different blog topic tapping me non-stop on my write shoulder:


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