Sunday, October 06, 2019

The Heart Seen... new cherished contributions from (squidmann!)

Okay, give me extra credit for this catch. It was during an animated part of Adam Ruins Everything (great show!). A kid shot a spitball at the chalkboard. It’s shaped like a heart!

Caught this one on a Outback Steakhouse TV commercial. It looks like a split chicken breast. I leave it up to you, the Queen of Hearts, to decide if the shape was intentional or not! 


"thank you!"  I love these!   -and, I was initially going to tease you about watching too much tv, but

 you have such a great variety of both indoor/outdoor contributions

and you win for unique contributions too, you & spike:

cat pee, vomit, spit balls, torn shirts, scars, acne, hair...

love is just omnipresent with you two


and, different story, different page, but squidmann...

three times recently I've encountered the term, "savory snacks"

and I don't remember the exact blog post of yours in detail, I only know 
something makes me giggle..

requesting here an encore posting of whatever blog of yours that is making me remember

"cheers! & amen"



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