Wednesday, October 16, 2019

on my write shoulder: free will by (me!) sandra, tvgp

my argument would be   -free will has never been greater; not in my lifetime

if, I look at a few areas of life, and how they seemed long ago,  for what reasons, compared to now:

let's start with everyone's favorite topic:  sex

long ago: less overt casual sexual relationships
in part because:  it was not accepted socially/culturally
now:  recreational sex is accepted

  so and therefore:  if today you choose monogamy, or abstinence you are exercising free will in a more clear way; not to avoid social judgement/stigmas/taboos..

at least for me..  anytime a personal decision is made, where the influencing factor is to avoid harsh social judgement  -that is not really exercising free will..

but if you can or cant

do or don't

will or wont

and yes or no decisions are equally accepted by society/culture at large

now, it becomes very a individual free will decision..

    /it is of note, and interest to me, that cultural influence, actually, has not gone from "recreational sex is taboo to it is okay... but rather, the taboo seems to be, if you are not participating, something must be wrong with you   -so it is still not really balanced; okay if you do/okay if you don't

but we tend to go from one extreme to the other, and over decades land somewhere in the middle,

but anyway..


twelve different exceptions to what ive just written popped in my head..


so, yes.. there are exceptions; but do you understand my larger point when it comes to things like, recreational sex; drinking under age; unwed pregnancies; divorces; debt; the way we dress..  what we watch on tv

I can find a fan club and support whether I do or don't for many different choices I get to make..

and much of it is experienced by me now as


truly personal choices.

yes..  I know it would be okay for me to do this or that..   it would be okay, perfectly acceptable

but I am choosing not to.

and that's okay ..

if several months or years down the line I change my mind;   that's okay too!

if I change it back again;   that's acceptable too

                 -good times when it comes to free will for a wider spectrum of decisions we each will need to make throughout our lives

hallelujah & amen!



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