Wednesday, October 09, 2019

CH = ~ savory snacks... by (squidmann!)

I saw it when we ate at UMAI, which advertises 'savory hotdogs'

then, way awesome...getting to see grizzly bears at WSU..  

and when I was reading..     big smile

..  and way my memory works..

or doesn't quite work; depending on expectation and actual design

well, I somehow just smile every time I see the words   ~savory snacks

and I don't remember the details of his blog post at all, just that something funny...

and so I sent him an email and requested an encore posting


yes!   it was from one of his Bits & Pieces posts..    which is when he would dedicate 5 or 6 paragraphs to entirely different topics, and included in this one:


I was at the movies today, waiting for my pretzel nuggets to be prepared. I already had my Coke and the cashier called over to me and actually said this sentence: “Sir, are you waiting for a savory snack?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Excuse me?” I said, because I wanted to hear it again.

“Are you waiting for a savory snack?” He said it again.

“A savory snack?” I asked in mock disbelief. Who talks like that?

“Yes. A snack that is not sweet.”

Well, I came home and checked the dictionary, and “savory” means exactly what you think it does: having a pleasant taste or smell. It doesn’t mean “not sweet.” But even if it did, or even if that’s what they call non-candy food in the movie theater biz, that pompous little creep still sounded like an asshole.

 (Note: Since I wrote this I have discovered that one of the definitions of savory is indeed “not sweet. And so I may have to reevaluate who the asshole actually is.)


"Thank you! Squidmann"       pretty funny stuff; audible laughter instantly and again...


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