Wednesday, October 23, 2019

awesome packed weekend for (sexy! & tops!)


if time allowed, i'd detail..  but highly restricted I want to note these two things about our highly blessed weekend

  ONE   -God communicated to (me!)

in the middle of a longer conversation...  which included talks about money, wealth, finances..  when I was starting to sink a little..    like..  saving, investing..   not my strong suit to date..  and there are a million legitimate reasons for me to feel bad..  

let me just say I have not exercised maturity and wisdom in this area

but, it was communicated to me  -the way God communicates    placed it on my heart   are the words many ministers use to describe

in the middle of this conversation

you have used your time very wisely

and that immediately changed my internal experience from sinking...  to swimming strong.

Praise God and "Thank You!" Jesus


TWO:    -personally, a very VERY gratifying experience

while we were at the San Jose State Homecoming Game  "Thank You!" Tony..     I engaged in a conversation with Haley Lopez..   and she mentioned being a NFL Cheerleader for the 49ers..

now..   break here a moment to remember how gratifying it is.. to Google search..  like, when you can't quite remember the actors name from that one movie...  but if you can remember some part.. you can google search, and suddenly "YES!"    -and you can see a picture of the actor, the name of the movie, and bio.. etc.

it is a very specific gratification..      when you get online help remembering

well, as I was talking to haley, it surfaced in my mind, and I said to her with a smile,

I said, "I remember meeting a 49er cheerleader when I was pouring wine at tenuta.."

and I wondered if maybe they knew each other..

on my own  -with just my own memory as a tool..  there is NO WAY I could have remembered

    -when/the exact date    -the name of this cheerleader I poured wine for..

and it is also not anything I could use Google search for..


I had sexy hand me his phone..  went to my blog.. this very blog here

the one that has not just served as a platform for exercising my craft; but has evolved into a magnificent external memory storage

and in the search bar of my own blog, I typed "cheerleader"

and!    BOOM

and so I showed the picture to haley, and I said with an even bigger smile, I said

"here she is!"

and haley said, "how do you know Gabby?    My sister was in her wedding..."

and there is that google search gratification..  let's give it a 10..

on the scale of internal gratification experiences

this  -this was a 49!

I love my blog

and in my prayers, I almost always include, "Thank you!" for my verve, my blog, my camera


more later, amen.


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