Monday, September 09, 2019

photos for alden lane nursery by (me!) sandra, tvgp

who can spot the 'swiss cheese' plant?


and my heart leaps with joy anytime someone asks me to take a picture.   but, here's the thing:  I have only at the time of this most recent photo shoot, my phone camera.  and it does not include any fancy features, like the one that focuses on a item, and blurs the background..   /maybe my next phone..  the best camera

but, because I do not have special lighting, special features to work with

well, actually, I don't mind..  I regard it immediately as a creative challenge.   and I will hold a plant and walk it around here and there, and there and 'hey! how 'bout write here!'

where the natural light is already complimentary, and I will fuss with background and environment, sometimes clearing things away, or adding and staging..

until, 'click'    -and then will look to see what the camera lens sees..

and then make more adjustments..  crop...   fix/fuss..   'click'

until..       some internal criteria of the mysterious aesthetic value kind, is met.     inside, my heart/mind will agree:    that's it!

and I was especially delighted with how..   'look how that shows off your curves!'    /see the curvy leaf plant

well, I tried capturing those curves in a number of settings..  then spotted an orange tub   -then played with how far the plant sat inside, and from what distance I should hold the camera..

and had my goldilocks experience:   too close; too far; just write...

and then fell in love with how the orange complemented the green..    and used it again to capture the lacey feature of the swiss cheese leaves...    yes.

and, the only way I can refocus on other work there is to do..  cashiering, receiving, cleaning, watering, pricing..   merchandising... whatever

well, I have to go literally put my phone camera    -away.

far away.

and the only way I will stop taking pictures once ive gotten started...

by request. or suggestion.   or non-verbal 'that's enough/back to work child' cues

because if no one restricted me..    i'd be taking more pictures write now.

and speaking of work    -time to get ready

iJnA   ~amen


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