Monday, September 09, 2019

How & Where We Met: Barones, Music Under The Stars (sexy! & tops!)

and true story!  my mom even happen to capture it on her phone video   -the saints were at it again..

because I have a great track record when it comes to dancing with a drink in one hand and never spilling..   /1 or 2 mess ups only

and the last time I dropped a drink  -I was dancing with my sexy

and quicker than you can blink, it came to me

"I have two hands free now!"

and I put one on each side of Robert's face, pulled him close to me and gave him a great big kiss


it happened again when we were there celebrating my sister's birthday

-my drink got hit by someone's dancing elbow I think; don't know for sure..



quicker than you can blink

and everyday I thank Jesus that I get to kiss my sexy 

for breakfast..

for dinner...

for dessert

and anytime I want to

and I want to

a lot.

hallelujah & amen!


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