Monday, September 09, 2019

"Smile!" photo by (me!) sandra, tvgp

now, no one asked me to take this picture

it happened because i like taking pictures; staging pictures

and when i am cashering  -solo, which happens sometimes
i cannot leave the kiosk


if i want to take a picture, i can only work with plants/accessories that are very nearby

and, so, 

"oh! my goodness.. look how gorgeous these potted plants; deep greens and purples..  what a celebration of fall"

"oh..  look at these cute little scarecrows..  wouldn't you look cute in a picture.."

and a customer came through, a new customer

which means i'll be handing them a September newsletter

and as I handed the newsletter, it caught my eye..  the size of the alden lane map.

and then when I gave a 25% coupon from the newsletter, and clipped it out for a different customer, on the back I saw the size of the fall festival announcement

~and wouldn't those scarecrows look so cute in those gorgeous plants holding these signs!

and i fussed with lining up the potted plants at a certain height on an alden lane cart

and fussed with scarecrows, where they each should stand

and tapped the signs to their chests

and turn the cart to an angle which provided a beautiful background

"k, now...   smile for me!"


and i can sometimes hear my now grown children ...

past the age of agreeing to pose for me over and over

well, they are like, "thank you!" to plants and things..   because now she leaves us alone

/in a playful, lighthearted way..



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