Monday, August 12, 2019

The Grandma Clause. by (me!) Sandra, tvgp

Let's call it article #213 in relevant legal documents.

Reference: i.e.,  /make it sound academic/scholarly/legal and all that, ok.

-because it should be, a legalized pardon.


 my mom, AKA grandma sharon,
She can sometimes be looking directly at my daughter, and say like, "jack.. I mean, sarah.. I mean sandra...  

And sometimes not even make it around to the correct name without smiling and saying, 'we'll, you know who I mean'

And this, it turns out, is VERY COMMON for parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, etc.

I've done it with my own children.. called my daughter by my son's name and vice versa..   and sometimes my niece/nephew/ siblings name will get mentioned until I finally get it write; or give up and say the famous, 'you know who I mean

No one EVER gets mad or even slightly offended; we all just smile and sometimes giggle..      sometimes, even new names are playfully created by the accidental use of the first sound of one name and last sound of someone else...

My point is this.. when I learned recently that Berkeley has banned the use of he/she pronouns..

I said with a smile...    "I'm going to use the grandma clause!"

Because I kind of know in advance, that I'm gonna be getting it wrong, more often than -Write.

In, LOVE has no gender.. Jesus does name. Amen!


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