Friday, August 30, 2019

Am I Write? (me!) sandra, tvgp

and so, in a very over simplified, sweeping assessment, I would say this:

at some point in time, and i'm going to average it as beginning in the 1990's

a number of unworthy authority figures were revealed for what they were:  unworthy/corrupt.

 -our response, it appears, was to remove large amounts of authority from ALL AUTHORITY figures, whether they were worthy of it  -or not.

and give authority/autonomy to (students) young and immature minds with no real life experience and no training.  or give authority to (criminal/inmates) drug dealers, addicts, thieves, murderers, rapists

it is an over-reaction in my opinion; over-correction; and the results have proven disastrous.

what we should have done instead, was remove the unworthy/corrupt authority figures.  look closer at the criteria for becoming an authority figure  (teacher/deputy); learn and understand how to identify unworthy/corrupt authority figures quickly and fire them - while simultaneously training and recruiting worthy authority figures who demonstrate integrity, trustworthiness, etc.



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