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Spiritual Immune Systems by (me!) sandra, tvgp

we know, and I will explain in layperson terms  -we know about the flesh's immune system   -and let's say we have a person with a very weak (flesh) immune system

the example might be, that person, when standing miles away from a person with a minor cold; will still catch the flu.   that is, it takes very little exposure to a minor issue, and it turns into a major physical health challenge for the person with a very weak (flesh) immune system.

and then, the reverse will be true of a person with a very strong (flesh) immune system  -write.

you can take a person with a very strong (flesh) immune system, and stick them in a crowded elevator with nothing but sick people who have contagious diseases of one type or another, and that person will never even catch a cold.    


and now I want to write about our spiritual immune systems:

if you have a weak spiritual immune system, then with one mention/exposure to an unGodly act, the person with a weak spiritual immune system, will respond with enormous grief, fear,  -come undone; and still be thinking about/talking about that unGodly event even if you fast forward weeks, months, years...

and the opposite is true of someone with a strong spiritual immune system..   in that case, you can expose them to any number of high crisis traumatic situations/events, and they remain stable, unshaken, moving through and forward in a balanced way

there is a spectrum for both; physical (flesh) immune systems, and mental/emotional (spiritual) immune systems

for the physical we have blood tests, saliva tests, xrays, MRI's, etc.

but for the spiritual, we have only  -nternal experience/observation/verbal/written reports;

and exactly because I am blown away in a positive way about the evolution/progress of my own spiritual immune system,

and exactly because there is no physical/medical test that will show you what I've internally experienced

you can only know if I share this with you

-I am inspired to do just that:    a brief report on my spiritual immune system

in order to appreciate my progress, you must know that at one time in my life (late teen's/throughout my 20's)  I battled severe PTSD    -the level of which does in fact claim lives; but did not claim mine.

although...   the number of times it came close is noteworthy

I will not reiterate details here because they are already well documented.

     -what year was the sandy hill shooting of the elementary school children?

it allows me to, looking back, see,   -that while my spiritual immune system had healed/strengthened enormously from it's weakest most vulnerable stage; it was not at full health/strength

exposure to that horrific mass murder of young children did   -to some degree; undo me...

and when I watched President Obama speak..   when I watched anyone speak about the killings;

I had NO IDEA how ANYONE could speak without falling apart


like, HOW?!?!?      how can you get even a sentence out without sobbing?

and only because I am currently experiencing/living out that ability    -to face a traumatic murder, and speak without sobbing

only because I am currently, very directly,  experiencing "peace beyond human understanding"

only now, do I understand how it's done.

and I am not operating from shock

I am not apathetic

I am not  -repressing/suppressing/post-poning

I am not in denial; I am very well aware; very awake

It is my self-evaluation assessment and report  -that over many years, prayers, slowly...  slowly..

my very broken/damaged spiritual immune system has not just healed; but has been strengthened to beyond where it would have been, had I not battled PTSD

it is the contrast of utterly broken/beyond-healed that helps me appreciate what I am currently experiencing

only people with this shared experience can say "amen & amen!"

who else knows of what I speak?

you too are shouting, "Thank You Jesus!"


and my sexy..   he also has a very strong spiritual immune system   -this is my observation/experiencing sharing life with him

only the individual knows the deepest truths about what is going on  ~inside~ them

only individuals and God...

and while I recognize there may be truths no blood, spit or xray test can reveal

that we only have observation/experience


we are moving through the recent tragedy  -and we are very much on the same spiritual page; hand in hand,

like, almost  -exactly the same spiritual page

and what I mean by that, is that, Robert does not need to spend extra energy/time helping me walk through it because I am falling apart in any way

and I am not needing to apply extra time/energy just trying to get him out of bed and walking through the basics of the day..

but I recognize the potential for that..    /I have witnessed depression/grief to point of despondency

I have myself had, and have witnessed over many years   -people with weak spiritual immune systems..

it can be a lot of extra work...   hard, long, extra work..

and I have myself now; and have witnessed, and am currently witnessing, people with very strong spiritual immune systems

  -for me, there is not an explanation outside of God; love; prayer

prayers ARE BEING ANSWERED  -our strength is demonstration

and I will return to post the top several Bible Passages I am leaning on, and directly experiencing

    -for now, my flawed memory:    there is a passage about peace beyond human understanding; there are passages about 'don't worry about the type of death man can bring..' and divine justice;  there are passages about not letting the weight of the world's troubles weigh us down;  there are passages about not fretting over injustices;  there are passages about God comforting those who mourn; there are passages about  -one day at a time; not worrying about tomorrow..     -there are passages about renewing our minds DAILY; and passages about being 'new creatures'  /which I very much am..

   -passages about evil-doers..

and, yes.. we have many passages about enemies..  and followers of Jesus know to forgive.., etc.

but I will share this too    -I am hungry to learn more about,   -how Jesus was born at the time of king herod..   and how did Jesus respond to herod?   -more about how disciples were guided to respond to herod

because i'm pretty certain, the Bible Passages regarding  'respecting authority, because all authority is determined by God...'    and, 'if your enemy is hungry; feed him..'     and 'kiss the other cheek'


well, I will have to re-read with great intention for learning/understanding   -but prior to re-reading, and prior to learning/understanding,

my current understanding, is that there are enemies; and there are evil-doers/wicked, and those are not synonyms.

but, in our current situation,  -we cast our care; trust God for justice

it is too big for us; we cast our care; we trust Jesus..  

we walk in love;

we move forward with gratitude for all the people helping, serving, praying, caring

and Robert and I are very much on the same page  -both with an understanding, and commitment, that this evil done to his sister    -we will not let that evil  -spread.   -we WILL NOT let the evil act/intention claim even more territory in our hearts/minds/souls via anger, unforgiveness, inconsolable attitudes, etc.

we know the TRUTH; and we are moving through the pain; FREE..

  -all for now,

hallelujah & amen.



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