Sunday, August 25, 2019

My 2020 Ambition: Geography! (me!) sandra, tvgp

oh my goodness!  we are both in love with a show on discovery channel called expedition unknown with host josh gates..

and as ive said many times, I don't know where my mind was exactly when they taught geography in elementary, middle, high school or college, but..  I have many blank areas

so, if you say, California..   for example, I can immediately, in my imagination, pull up a picture of the outline of California and an outline of the U.S.

but for so many other places..   a blank.  like, no picture in my mind pops up..    


I am slowly, consciously..    I have to go back like a Kindergartner I think, and re-plant pictures in my mind   -i'm not sure if they were ever there; there and then lost?

but i'm going to put them in..   and I realize this is going to take a long while, but what fun! too..

a map in my mind I can pull up and see at will with my imagination screen  -of the world...


and anyone remember my ambition as a 15 year old...    gypsy; travel the world; waitress my way around the world and experience all the different cultures..

well, josh gates has done it for me   "thank you!"    -and, because its 2019..  the tools!  the camera views, technology, drones, editing, tv..

we can see it now like we've never been able to see it before!   -awesome.


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