Sunday, August 25, 2019

Life Journey of Words by (me!) sandra, tvgp

what word was it?  I can't remember.. but it sparked a conversation between sexy & I...

I said with a smile..   "they have like a full life journey, some words do..     they go through the same things humans do..

struggles to be born and given life

struggles to be heard correctly

struggles to be used correctly

false accusations..



occasional fleeting success!

and the word that most personifies this life journey; that is, the first one to come to my mind, is the word feminism

it does not mean man-hater, but ive certainly heard it used that way..

it does mean, lesbian, but I've heard that definition projected on it..

it was non existent

and then in vogue

and then was kidnapped..  


reappeared but used slightly differently..   reluctantly..

one word; but what a journey!

connotation; denotation; colloquial..   cultural..   political..    spiritual..   emotional...  intellectual..   a put-down, a compliment..     a goal, an ambition..       an enemy..

my goodness.

and truth be told, I have no idea where the word currently stands in 2019

whether it is standing at all?   or kickin' back somewhere on a beach with a cold beer in its hand

or holding two fingers up from the ocean, yelling for a life-jacket in hopes of being rescued  -again!

I know it's not dead; feminism

but how alive?    -not sure.

in Jesus' name   /which is quite a word journey too       hallelujah &  amen.


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