Sunday, August 25, 2019

Everyone is an Editor; everyone! by (me!) sandra, tvgp

everyone is ALREADY AN EDITOR   -every day; all the time.  but I don't think most people realize that..

we think of editors as professionals..  an occupation..

but every single person..   every person who wakes up, participates in a given day, goes back to sleep..   school or no school, work or no work..

everyone lives a given day, week, month, year..

and gazillions of things take place..   and without schooling, or effort, or conscious intention, we select highlights..  or lowlights..

we unconsciously pull and select from a much larger data base of things that happened, people we saw, things we said/heard   -no one records it all in its entirety  -we select and edit

create a tiny (relatively speaking) memory bank from a much larger library of life's occurrences

everyone already edits; every day; all the time..

I've known it for some long time, and only over time began to be aware.. and consciously decide..

and override default settings.


what part of (me!) has become aware and taken control in this area?      iJnA


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