Sunday, August 25, 2019

Environmental Studies of the Spiritual Kind by (me!) sandra, tvgp

  -where our minds are in fact, environments.    the environment of our minds; hosts

 -the environment and host invite guests

and based on the environment itself, and based on the reputation of the host..

who quite naturally wants to come?

who is invited?

who is not invited?

is it not  -by invitation only?

  -so if your mind is filled with hate/anger; that is one specific environment, and/or room..

if your mind is filled with love and peace..  that is a specific environment, and/or room..

if your environment is worry/anxiety...

each environment/host attract specific guests

and those guests are longing to stay, or leave..


and so it is a practice of mine; a spiritual practice, to be mindful of my mental environment; and self, as host

I welcome, open invitation to fruits of the spirit; the holy spirit; honored to have you, stay forever..

and I do have occasional cause to ask certain uninvited; unwelcome guests to leave..   sometimes thrown out; told never to return


can think they know a fact that is not true
believe something false which makes it individually true
unknowingly claim what is false as true
consciously skew facts to prove a known lie true
question whether something is partially true
debate whether there is such thing as truth
   -only 1 species, all this can do:

starts with whY and ends with O U.


speaking of environmental studies of the spiritual kind:    I occasionally return to the young girl on cbs sunday morning who committed suicide

I find myself thinking of her, each time I hear a certain song on KLOVE radio..  and in the lyrics, as is common for Christians to say,

it is sung, "greater is the one inside me than he who is in the world"

and for Christians, this directly references the Holy Spirit inside us,  -as being a stronger influence than 'the world'    -which is materialistic, self-seeking, mean, ill willed, jealous, hateful, spiteful, very judgmental on superficial matters,  etc.

but I think of the young girl who committed suicide because the exact same lyrics apply to her situation also

it is true, is it not   -that greater was the one inside her, than the ones that were in her outside world.

but the one inside her..      negative/evil/destructive

on the outside...   smiles, academic success, friends/family who loved/adored/respected admired her..

so I just realize over and over..

for every human being   -we do have two selves; two worlds:   inside, private/outside, public to the world

and we each believe the 'inside' private world is our truth..   whether the inside is of love; or evil..

we lean to our inner selves as our 'true' selves, and outer, public as 'image'

but Christians make a different distinction   -we lean on God's word as truth, love as truth  (not inner vs. outer world, as much as love vs. hate; evil vs. peaceful)

and evil as a lie

so, whether love is only on our inside, but we are not being loved by the outside world/circumstances; we still believe we are loved

if we have no love on the inside; self love; but the outside world is showering love on us, (based on status/fame/etc.)  -we learn to cultivate 'true' love..  as from God  -no regarder of persons/status

all evil/negative/self destructive thoughts are immediately categorized as coming from an enemy.. and therefore not marinated in or taken for truth..


each person, Chrisitian or non, should be personally aware of their inner/private and outer/public worlds

should evaluate for truth   -which is influencing your day to day life, attitude, decisions, direction..

what is truth?   vs.   image    vs. lie


over and over, it seems to me, the big distinction between Christians and non.. is that Christians view love, loving thoughts/attitudes as coming from an outside source; and evil coming from an outside source:  God/love, and/or the enemy/Devil..

secularists, I believe, view negative and/or positive thoughts as not coming from an outside source, but rather, just organically from the individual human

either way, however, every human has both positive and negative thoughts; and every human has both an internal, private, and external public world.

ideally   -I believe when a human is fully evolved, they have inner/outer worlds, private/public lives and thoughts all in harmony with each other, and under the influence of love as truth.

God is love.

in Jesus name, amen.


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