Monday, August 26, 2019

Combined Knowledge/Experience (sexy! & tops!) in prayer...

and as our conversations continued..   my sexy, with 27 years as a deputy..  he discussed how over the decades  -and especially within the past several years..  how empowered criminals have become in the jails..

we discussed ryan's release..    how he murdered his mother; beat her literally to death

and I recalled in my own life experiences

that when I was kidnapped/raped at just 6 years old  -this predator had been released from jail.

when I was kidnapped/raped at 16..   -this predator's picture was already in the mugshot books because he had served time in jail   -and been released

when I was the #2 victim of the lakeside serial rapist   -as this predator remained at large, we cannot be as certain, but, the profile of this predator indicated that he too had served time in jail   -and been released

move backwards in time; move forward in time, where criminals are provided even more luxuries, rights, privileges, and shorter sentences; heavy doses of compassion, sympathy

none of it makes it safer for innocent law abiding citizens/families

none of it results in an 'evolved' 'reformed' criminal turned contributing, safe and trustworthy citizen

  -dangerous, violent criminals can be and should be removed from threatening society

you forfeit your right to be a part of society  -which is a privilege; not an entitlement under any circumstance

I believe jail, and then a place you can graduate to  -but which is still not with the general public at large

my sexy  -based on his life experiences/career; he believes jail can and should be the beginning and the end; 'rehab' and 'reform' aren't even the publics responsibility and in some cases not even realistic

but we both believe in keeping innocent people safe from harm/abuses/violence/terrorism/death  -threats of any and every kind   -and we both believe in keeping dangerous/violent criminals off the streets

and so in prayer..  and in our conversations..   based on the current cultural trends in favor of criminals and against law enforcement   -we pray together and ask God

or rather let God know via prayer, that should we be called to speak on behalf..   based on our combined life experiences and knowledge; we make our selves available for this service

but only if called..       it is a spiritual communication.

Christians who have been walking in love for many years learn through practice/experience  -not everything we want to do is in alignment with God's purposes; vice versa; and time and discernment and prayer  -guidance from the holy spirit allows us to act or wait or change course; but our goal is to live within God's will; not our own.

in Jesus name,   -amen.


have I already discussed?   -worth repeating.    how my sexy explained to me that criminals are categorized using numbers and the numbers indicate how violent/level of threat to deputies

I would have guessed it was based on their crime; the one(s) that landed them in jail to begin with

I would have guessed wrong

so for example   -a very low level of threat would be given to a female criminal who did not violently act out against deputies; this non-violent female criminal however,  -might be in jail (as mentioned in prior post) for allowing her boyfriend to rape the child she was babysitting

so, even though she was not directly the predator and non-violent herself; that level of criminal behavior, in my opinion should result in permanent removal from society.

in Jesus name I pray,   amen.


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