Wednesday, August 28, 2019

bottom of the pot.. last pour by (sandra, tvgp)

last pour on this topic:   but let us suppose, that the lakeside serial rapist was caught by police  -and keep in mind his first victim committed suicide   -/but as this was directly after being ambushed and raped I consider it murder actually

but anyway..  9 or more victims later, and the last one being actually murdered..

let us suppose he was captured/sentenced to prison

let's review  -each in our own mind:   sentenced to prison for how long?    and after being in prison, with   /move to current time, I am not aware of conditions in the early 1980's

but, with 48" flat screen tv's, pizza/popcorn night, recreation, laundry, physical/mental healthcare on demand,  classes,

and! if an inmate is on 'suicide watch' this means a deputy checks on inmate/criminal

-every 15 minutes-

oh,   -I have to stop and say a few prayers write about now..

when the highest statistic on suicides

-highest statistics regarding suicides are not inmates; but we are experiencing a 40 year high when it comes to females 15 - 19 years old


let's say an inmate

let's keep using our imagination, and say, the lakeside serial rapist was caught and serving time today, 

so could at any point ask for, and immediately receive mental/physical healthcare;

and said something that resulted in suicide watch; and therefore was being checked on by a deputy 
-every 15 minutes-

and, let's use our imagination, and say..

the lakeside rapist successfully committed suicide in between the 15 minute checks

let's say the deputy comes back and finds inmate dead.

-guess who gets held responsible?  and must go through a series of investigative interviews.. internal affairs..   etc, etc, 


not 100% of time, but majority, and across the board

whenever an innate dies in jail/prison whether by suicide or illness; fight will other inmate; old age..

common practice for family members to sue;

and common for family members to receive money; settle out of court..

[sounds to me like any death of inmate kind of automatically results in suit/and financial benefits for family members]

/so, via imagination, 
lakeside rapist dies while serving time
money goes to family members

so, let us consider for a moment or three..   
the victims

anything for first victim  -who did commit suicide?  her family...
any financial gain, anywhere for anyone?

the other 9 or more -victims
the families of the woman who was kidnapped, raped, killed?


can anyone else see, 

how, perhaps..

deputies/law enforcement  -who are currently working 
'mandatory overtime' on a regular basis

and have had much of their autonomy/authority removed

and are held responsible for the behaviors of criminal/inmates serving sentences for any number of crimes..

and who are watching law abiding citizens in civilian life struggle to pay for, receive mental/physical healthcare

struggle to find work, get work and go to work, but then struggle some more..

but simultaneously watch inmates receive so many privileges and on demand..
and be held responsible if the inmate acts up (?!) or acts out

and where the mass media/news has successfully created such
a hostile culture, both outside and inside jails for law enforcement at all levels

does anyone else see a recipe and formula for


anyone else see why maybe no one even wants to be in law enforcement anymore

why recruitment is so difficult?  retention dwindling..


if only all these teenage girls 15 - 19 could have someone checking in on them 
every 15 minutes


I did digress..

how long should the lakeside rapist be in prison?

most importantly:

under what conditions

does the lakeside rapist

a highly dangerous and violent murderous predator

return to society

no longer dangerous, no longer violent, and respecting/valuing human life
and contributing something of value to society?

because we obviously do not know
the most important thing
while we figure out the whys/hows/whatfors

is to get
and keep
dangerous/violent predators OFF THE STREETS.

AND SAME, with the non-violent, but conspirators to kidnaps/rapes/beatings/violence

let us move toward
returning authority/autonomy to the deputies
asking less of them (removing mandatory overtime)

and asking much more of the inmates
before they can enjoy mandatory mental/physical healthcare
pizza/popcorn, recreation, big flat screen tv's, laundry

I am not the first to recognize
that being an inmate is easier than being a law abiding elderly person
who worked/contributed for years...

in Jesus name, amen


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