Friday, July 05, 2019

this is rated WTF by (me!) sandra, tvgp

now, not very Christian of me.. rating this WTF  I will need some extra help on this one taming my tongue..  I will switch then to,

well, so often after my sexy and I have talked over morning coffee, covering pop culture, politics, faith, I will say to him with a smile,

"are we the only two people moving forward in a backwards world?"    -So, I will instead title this,

rated VB for yrev sdrawkcab,

again..  no fact checking.  my sharing here is based on one hundred conversations that have taken place among 50 different people, in as many as 30 different locations.

I will start by reminding  -I KNOW, YOU KNOW, & EVERYBODY KNOWS  -the current jail/prison system is a FAILURE.  it does not work.

   -where work ='s taking a person who has a violent/criminal behaviors/actions, and through incarceration, somehow a better human being, less violent/less criminal is supposed to emerge after his/her sentence is served.


now, where the jail/prison system DOES WORK   -for at least a given amount of time, a rapist/murderer/child molester/robber can be off the streets and prevented from claiming new victims/destroying more innocent lives for the time they are off the streets.


that acknowledged,

I have been privileged with some information I feel obligated/responsible to share with the public at large

this involves    -if I want to give the benefit of the doubt,   this involves some good intentions


if I do not give the benefit of the doubt...   this is very dark and ugly coming from the top/down; potentially evil; obviously corrupt

it involves the following

a new building completed for inmates.

but let me again switch out the word inmate for criminals.

a new building for criminals.   and said criminals are being transferred from old building to new building.

this involved a 'celebration'

and involved an opportunity for 'a new start'

and so the criminals  -felons

were allowed to go from old building to new building uncuffed/unchained; an order from the top, honored by the deputies on staff at the time, despite the criminals assigned classification # which would mandate cuffs.

but not only were the criminals uncuffed

an officer/deputy tossed rose petals on the pathway for the criminals en route to the new building

and the criminals were treated to designer donuts and starbucks coffee

and then made paper doves, with criminals handwriting their names on them, which were then gifted to staff officers/deputies as a symbol/gesture of  -what?  goodwill and new beginnings?  it is my understanding several officers declined receiving the paper doves.

and there was a ceremony where criminals/deputies/officers all took roses and were to create a bouquet together, each putting in an individual rose..

and if you haven't had to leave the room to vomit yet, there is still more..

 the type of criminals who were housed in the old building at one time or another include

a woman who allowed her boyfriend to rape the child she was babysitting.  and a woman who murdered a child.



while I think we can all agree the current system does (at least temporarily) protect innocent people from the violent ones by keeping them off the streets

and we can all agree the current system does not convert; it does not take in a violent criminal and post sentence, send out a law-abiding, noble, evolved citizen

I hope and pray to God, no one believes that a rapist, or an accessory to a rapist, murderer or armed robber  - a felon of any kind,  deserves to walk on rose petals freely, and chit chat with deputies over designer donuts and starbucks coffee.


the victims  -which include the victim, and their families, and their friends; in many cases entire communities; but primarily directly victims   -let me speak specifically of rape victims

rape victims are serving life sentences outside of jail.  the crime is too hideous for accurate description; painful, lingering fatal blows to the soul/spirit/mind..  PTSD which claims the lives of even well trained soldiers who graduated boot camp and were prepared to some degree for combat..

well many rape victims have had no such preparation or training; just ambushed by evil forces


it is not sitting well with me; rose petals, designer donuts, starbucks

it does not sit well with me; criminals socializing with deputies; which empowers the criminal and undermines the authority of the deputies

it does not sit well with me at all;

rape victims battling what I personally know is the battle of a lifetime, while the predators walk on rose petals and sip on starbucks and make paper doves

      /pardon me one more time...      BLUACKALS;DHFKAOS;IF ASND;LKFSHF

I must wipe the puke from my mouth,

while the system we currently have is not write

this new building celebration was blatantly and frighteningly and my hope would be, also -legally- wrong


when I add on, this.. to the other 50+ conversations from here and over there

it is very clear

in an incremental but systematic way   -criminals are again and again being granted privileges, freedoms, luxuries   -lack of any consequence for what was once consequential behaviors..

while incrementally, systematically and simultaneously  -officers/deputies, authority figures are having their authority/autonomy removed and undermined

I want to be wrong in my intuition/assumption/educated guess

I want to be wrong,

but I am highly suspicious that something very dark is knowingly going on.  it is conscious.  and I am curious where and with who, it began


for answers  I pray in Jesus name,   ~amen.


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