Thursday, July 04, 2019

Hearing the Voice of God (me!) sandra, tvgp

; I do.

and very interesting to read a variety of passages in the bible that speak to this; and the common demominator in all the passages about hearing, and one day 'seeing' God..

the common denominator; pre-requisite, if you will:

having a PURE HEART.


how can this be proven in a court of law?  scientifically?


but I will make claim to having one; a pure heart.   -and it feels great to have worked toward and to acknowledge this

especially because in every other area of life...    well, my ignorance in the area of geography/history is high..    my inability to speak any other language...    my ability to paint or do pull-ups..

I still have not quite figured out how to 'live within my means'    -improved in budgeting yes; but far from pure in never using a credit card...

there is a great deal I don't know...    and, i'm not pure in eating habits or exercise..

I could go on and on, but my point is   -there is no evil or ill intention or bitterness or unforgiveness inside my heart.     -any dna test for that?


-exactly because my heart did not grow weary, bitter, spiteful or vengeful over the past 5 decades

I am enjoying due season!   and, I tell my sexy often..     -because it is so unfamiliar to me..

to have so many great experiences in a row..

I say to him with a big smile, "there is no cap on how many great days we can have in a row!   we are in due-season!  Thank You Jesus!  Amen!"


there is poem forming inside me.. but I do not yet have the time..

I know the outline/idea:   it will communicate how being a deputy for 27 years did not get the best of Robert...

and how the violence/trauma I endured did not get the best of me...

and so, this allows Robert and I to give the best of ourselves to each other..


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