Saturday, May 25, 2019

High Heals a poem for my daughter (taryn!) & friends.. by (me!) writeousmom

written with love, for Kristina, Emily, Jaycelin, Mikayla, Taryn, 
Allegra, Taylen, Lola, Sam, Pieper, Kirbi

High Heals

We all have hearts
that where high heals

We all are friends who care

We have come~passion in our blood
we dress in truth and dare

Our lips stick from shared secrets
we make~up stories, great
wear loyal T shirts & tie our tongues
hide confident~she'll weights

Our wall~its  filled with pictures
post can & dids galore
sexy, sassy, stew~D~us
bathing suits for shore

Our ears~ring when you pray our names
Your em~brace~lets fit like loves
Mass~care`~a flashes in your eyes
chin up and rise above

We C write through all A's and B's 
know how the bell curves best:

God, true friends & family
our award~robe of success.

~Sandra Harrison Kay,   Writeous, & proud mom


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