Monday, May 20, 2019

WHY WE WATCH! (the warriors!) -authentic fans #warriors @writeousmom

wouldn't you know..  a 6:30pm work meeting.

but I wore my spirit wear,

and my sexy had his warrior shirt on at home.

7:45pm ish..   i'm on the 680 listening to 95.7

"the game"

and we were like, temporarily 14 behind    /note: I never use the losing by vocabulary

exceptional radio play by play coverage; exciting as all get out..

and by the time I was near my exit

we were tied!

-got to watch the last 8 or so minutes with my sexy

which, as you all know by now, is, in part..

why they won.

~you're welcome.

anyway..   can you stand it?!?   did you see that?!?

curry with one of those, look ahead, but pass over and backwards to Draymond

Draymond from over here to over there in a blink and passes to Thompson

Thompson dances and passes it back to Draymond

before any opponent knows where the ball even went..

it goes to Bogut

and "in for a basket!!"

-just awesome!   awesome athletic choreography..  collaboration, talent, skill, experience, determination

element of surprise...

we love you warriors!  "thank you!" for an amazing season

and let's just file this under

prelude to world championship   -again!

hallelujah & amen


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