Saturday, May 04, 2019

a little magical perfume.. by (me!) sandra, tvgp

tops:  "wanna see my magic trick?"

sexy:  "sure.. show me your magic trick"

tops:   "k.. watch closely...   I am about to remove every single piece of Kleenex..   from every single pocket in my jeans and every single pocket in my shirts..

watch them disappear before your very eyes..."       /and I throw all the Kleenex balls in the garbage.


put the jeans/shirts in the washer...  then the dryer...


 wait 45 minutes or so...   pull them out


tops:   "look baby!   I made some of the Kleenex magically reappear!"



on a quick walk through the local mall

salesperson:   "miss...   do you wear fragrance"

(me!):   "....   honey...   my very life is to help spread and make evident the fragrance of  the knowledge of God everywhere...      but that's not what you mean is it..."

and I left with three tiny packet samples of pretty perfumes.


in Jesus mysterious, magical, miraculous name...      amen.


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