Friday, April 05, 2019

Who Knows How To Have Fun? (me!) sandra, tvgp

and, so, at 77776, I headed out to get my 777 lottery scratcher

because it's fun.

and, as I pulled in the parking lot and headed inside the local liquor store, 

I said to myself and Jesus, 

I said with a smile, 

I sure am lucky!

I am lucky i'm not headed into this liquor store for a pack of cigarettes

/because, once upon a time I was a smoker  -but that was loooooong ago.


I sure am lucky, i'm not headed into this liquor store for   -liquor

/because I have always had the ability to turn off/on; be either or, when it comes to alcohol
but I have known and know a lot of people who can't toggle to off


I sure am lucky I can go in this store, and get 1 lottery scratcher for fun..

/and not, get sucked in..   buying several..  spending $ I don't have
for money I wish I could win...  because I know people with gambling addictions too


I sure am lucky

...list here of friends/family.. job/benefits... car, phone, blog, verve... etc...

and I sure am lucky

I got to know and meet and read Ray Orrock

he would have thought this was extra fun

not just the 7777 on the odometer, but the lottery ticket to match..

and so, 

I drove back to my work, 

scratched the lottery ticket, which had no # matches, 


and went write back to work

feeling very lucky and blessed indeed.


and the image flashed in my mind

Ray, his wife, their children

all driving to get the odometer to match..

getting a lottery ticket

each family member scratching a different chance..

"did we win anything?"

and just looking around
at the whole family together, having fun

haven't they already won.


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