Friday, April 05, 2019

Which Industry Creates the Most Jobs? asked/answered by (me!) sandra, tvgp

I had my little scrap of paper and a pen,

"there are no write or wrong answers... im just asking... it's not work related, i'm just doing a thing for a future blog post.. k

    just say the first thing that comes to your mind...

what industry creates the most jobs?"

and, these are a few of the answers I received:


health care

food industry








all good, solid answers..


and, if there was an industry that combined a few or a couple on the list...

that would equal even more jobs,   -write..


but I know the industry that ALL of those industries on the list ALL NEED..


so, if there is ONE INDUSTRY they all need!   that's a lot of jobs!  write...

guess what it is yet?




every single one of the industries on the list, that creates jobs, needs security of one sort or another, some low key, some high level..

locks, keys, alarms, security guards, cameras, passcodes...

you cannot name one job-creating company, business, or industry which does not require some level of security.



it is CRIMINALS who are responsible for creating the most jobs on the entire planet.

I used to think it was construction/building...

and then,

when my sexy and I were watching breaking bad..

it dawned on me, in an even greater way..

the amount of movies, books, tv shows, theater, songs..    tours, documentaries..

based on, or inspired by a LIFE OF CRIME...

so, not only, in the real every day world, are criminals responsible for creating the most jobs,

but, in the entertainment industry!!

I just let my mind wander sometimes...  

when they are making a movie about a criminal or crimes...   how many jobs that creates?  and then, the studios themselves need a certain level of security..

its mind-blowing...

if anyone can ever really put a number, and quantify the number of jobs criminals create...   military, police forces..

and what would happen if we had no more criminals...  it would be the greatest unemployment crisis in the history of ever

pales in comparison to losing farming to manufacturing to technology

they've so consistently contributed, no matter what the major era is...

how many people put butter on the table, raise children, retire from careers thank you to criminals..

/just giving credit where credit is due..

In Jesus uses all things for good, name...     amen.


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