Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Swallwell for President... i saw this coming.. (me!) sandra, tvgp

but I certainly did not see him running this soon... in my imagination, it would have been more in the 2030's


I remember cutting out newspaper clippings and sharing them with my daughter..     he is a local, from Dublin, ca, a neighbor to the city of Pleasanton..


I read more about him...     glimpses here and there...


wrote to him once..


and I don't take a newspaper, or follow the news,

and it is just  -amazing-  how even if you don't read a daily newspaper or watch the news..

how still!   so much information slips through the cracks and forces it upon you anyway..

I have successfully built a pretty strong filter..

but yes,  I would see a picture of swallwell here, read a paragraph or two over there..


part of it, was just the amount of media coverage itself...

I thought to myself...   he is being groomed for the presidency one day..

he is being positioned...

looks like the trajectory of ….

and sure enough, I heard the official announcement via the Stephen Colbert show this very morning.


now, everything I read, I liked...

but you know what is sad...     i'll never get to see him on the Charlie rose show.

the Charlie Rose show represents my only exposure to Elizabeth Warren also..

and I like a lot of what she had to say too.


perhaps they could run as a team...


but, at 53, myself..   with how many presidents/campaigns in my life experience now?  i'm not going to count..

I can just say, with great certainty..

I already know the talking points...    

nothing new will be said; but it will be said by a new person, in a new way..

and even with the greatest, noblest of intentions..    /if such a thing exists..

the size of the job

to fix America's mostly F's & D's report card...

it is much greater than any one leader, no matter how great..

it is going to take much longer than 4 or 8 years...


I have no interest in the song and dance show coming up..

but pray, with my whole heart..

...I mean, Jesus...  if we could even just navigate  -toward-   the write direction...

because the amount of time and energy to actually be moving in it...


for ...  yes, could we at least...   wouldn't it be wonderful if!....    someone please...   if the rudder moves even one inch!   you know the analogies and clichés...

change the course of America!    -because I don't like the direction we are headed, or the rapid pace we are heading there...


in Jesus' is the way, the truth, the life's name...   amen.


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