Saturday, July 25, 2015

Two more reasons i love my job. (Me!) sandra, tvgp

the annual 'where's waldo' event hosted by our downtown main street neighbor: towne center books.

ricks picks, with its huge variety of a little bit of everything is a perfect store for .....   

"can you give us a hint?"

-because it can be a little overwhelming also, for the little ones.

-that's when we offer to play hot & cold, and treat waldo like an easter egg.. cold and you are nowhere near; warm you are getting closer; hot! -all you have to do is look from where you are

"I found him!!"

and then they run to the counter all excited to get their stamp on their passport.

there is something extra special about every single person who plays this game..

but these two caused a little extra melting of my heart.  -not quite the height of our counter, so it was partly in the way they had to reach up..

-those sweet faces; sweet voices..

and then.. I gave them each two butterfly stamps in the ricks picks square.  And then asked if they also wanted a stamp on their hands.

-they both did.

and smiled so big.  and said "thank you!" without their nanny even having to prompt them..

and then the little girl...

Well, she couldn't seem to figure out how she could admire the butterfly stamp on her hand and hold the where's waldo passport paper at the same time.  So she handed the paper to her nanny.

"Can you hold this.. I can't. I have a stamp on my hand!".   -and she held up her hand.. Smiling at the butterfly all the way out of the store and on to their next adventure...

-so precious..


and my confession here is this:  " me too!".   -honey, I am nearly 50 years old and have never lost my joy for the simple pleasures of a stamp, or a sticker..

I love stamping these passports and stamping the kids hands..

I wanna stamp everyone who comes through the door..

and close here with a big "thank you!" To Anne..  Because at first we were each just initialing the boxes with a pen..


but she brought the butterfly stamp and ink pad.

and if you could see the smiles..    -for such a very inexpensive, simple thing..

-talk about return on investment!    -and so I have recommended we keep a stamp at all times; forever!  Even after the event ends..

because even for the kids who aren't participating in the game..  when you offer to stamp their hand..

Immediately transforms their experience at the cash register and they leave with a smile..

how much was this stamp and ink pad?

I think, when you evaluate from a purely business stand point.

time, cost, investment, vs. return...

we are way outshining some place like...   Safeway.. Where the kids can have a free cookie..

plus, -this is not a sugary snack that some parents want to avoid..

it doesn't harm your teeth, or ruin your dinner..

yes..  from a strictly business standpoint

1 tiny stamp. 1 standard ink pad.  =  over a hundred stamped passports and hands

and who ever gets the stamp, smiles.
the parent smiles.
The person giving the stamp smiles.
anyone standing in line, witnessing the smiling children, also smile..

that's like, 5 smiles for every 1 stamp..

~very good business in deed.


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