Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Path please. a poem by (me!) sandra, tvgp

excuse me,
- pardon me sir,

but can you please help me find the way to
your heart?

tell me where i might start

-from here:

do i go left? or do i go write? 

is it camouflaged; & hiding in plain sight?    is it?

or am i just so tired and parched -the whole thing is just a mirage

and i need a good hallucination in order to find & lodge

- or,   ... is it   ~real

this loving place that b r ea ks and heals

and br  e aks  and heals

and      bra K e s    and heals.

-from here:

do i need a car? or can i walk?
do i need a key? or is the gate unlocked?

is it really big and easy to find?
is there even room for me?
or is there a big, long, long, line?
and from the back you cannot see.

i was told
sharing secrets
would guide me near

and then, but

unsecreting secrets is a thing to fear

-and FEAR!  i've been told by spectators
makes the distance ever greater

quite frankly, i'm tired. i'm lost. and confused.
feels like all my reserve tanks are empty from use

from here:

-should i turn back in defeat?

or is there      ~anyone~   who has already been there
that i can meet?

is there a short/cut; a fire trail; a bridge; a pass?
or is this territory uncharted? -no one has passed?

oh! what i wouldnt give to be, - first! only! and last!

how? do i get to your heart from



am i anywhere near?

is there something im supposed to do? or to say?

-how many obstacles stand in my way?

i want to get to your heart as fast as i can...

i want to know, and to own;
or at least.. -to just touch it.

ive been told it's rare and fragile as an orchid flower
and ive got such a strong urge to pluck it


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